1. Check the time frame value for ending a disconnected session:

– open the AdminTool > Sessions > Session Management settings

– check the ‘Terminate any disconnected session after’ field. The default value is 60000 = 10 minutes. 

You can change this to your convenience.

2. Edit the settings.js file:

– open a file browser,

– go to ‘rdplus\Clients\www\software\html5’,

– open ‘settings.js’ with Notepad or any other text editor,

– search the ‘W.send_logoff’ variable and change ‘True’ to ‘False‘ : W.send_logoff = false;

If true, by event of browser closing (if notified by browser), the session disconnects and logoff command gets sent to session

– then reboot the RDPlus web server from the AdminTool > Home: