Installation and Setup
How to install RDPlus?
How to UN-install RDPlus?
How do I UPGRADE RDPlus?
How to UPDATE RDPlus?
Emergency Update Code
Reactivation of a RDPlus license: rehost or move license to a new server
How can I install my license in command line?
How do I setup the Windows firewall for RDPlus when installed on Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server?
How do I setup the Windows firewall for RDPlus when installed on Windows 2008 or Windows Seven/Vista Server?
How to customize WinXshell
How do I set a password for the AdminTool?
How do I change the port of the web server?
How do I change communication port in RDPlus?
How can I optimize performance?
Is RDPlus compatible with SBS Windows operating systems?
How to enable gateway on more than one server?
How do I hide server disk drives?
Where is my serial number ( also called S/N )?
What are the differences between the RDPlus Edition licenses?

Common Questions
I want to publish a shared folder. How can do it?
Is my application compatible with RDPlus?
How can users change their password?
Connection client doesn’t work as before
Microsoft EULAs and CALs
Bandwidth usage and performance
Dual screens support
How to map Port COM (mapping)
How can you alphabetically sort the items displayed in the Floating Panel?
How to keep an Html 5 session connected after closing the browser
How can I make my Let’s Encrypt certificates auto renew?
Can you press Ctrl Alt Delete inside remote session?
How to create a shared folder?
How to create a user local folder?
Can I stream music and video?
What are “.connect” files?
Where is the documentation?
How many concurrent users / sessions can my server handle?
I would like to talk to somebody on the phone
Marketing materials and presentation

Activate RDP NLA authentication
Can I take over a remote session by login the same user from another location?
Disconnection of idle sessions
Force own SSL certificate for RDP server
How can I hide the drives on my server?
How can I prevent my users from accessing sensible data on my RDPlus Server?
How can I use a logon script that maps a network drive or link a folder to a unique letter?
How to configure Portal lockout feature
How to disable Security tab in the start menu
How to setup a local GPO on a Windows Seven/2008 server at a user level or to non administrator groups?
How to take control of a remote session

Web Access and HTML5
Change default title or favicon
Change default viewport width for mobile devices 
Disable RDP forwarding on HTML5 server ports
How to improve RDP security when forwarding from 80/443?
Where to find settings.js?
Disable specific SSL(HTTPS) protocols or ciphers
How can I get a free valid SSL(HTTPS) certificate?
How to activate HSTS header
How to add a custom HTTP Header
How to bind HTML5 as iframe correctly?
How to change default starting parameters of HTML5 gateway?
How to change HTML5 printer settings?
How to convert different SSL(HTTPS) certificate formats to Java *.jks?
How to export SSL(HTTPS) certificate from IIS?
How to store printer settings permanently in HTML5?
How to use full screen mode in HTML5 client?
I can’t seem to connect remotely using RDPlus web access, what can I do?
IIS/Apache failure, port 80 conflict
Include own JavaScripts and exchange bidirectional messages
Is it possible to access clipboard?
Is it possible to connect from iPhone, iPad or Android devices?
Is it possible to use local printers, local scanners and local logical drives with HTML5?
My application requires minimum height
On Web Access Portal, is it possible to clear user credentials at each logon?
Safari iOS/MacOS on HTTPS address with secured Websockets connection fails
SNI (server name indication) multiple certificates
Time zone fine tuning
Using multiple languages
What about “Network Level Authentication” messages?
What to do when HTML5 gateway stops or crashes?
Allow only specified file upload extensions or file sizes
Security by custom load balancers or specific proxies.

File copy between server and workstation is very slow
My users are losing their connections. Why?
When I publish an application, the session starts and logs off immediately
I’m having some graphic issues, how can I optimize the display of my remote session ?
Uninstall RDPlus
RDP connection error or connection not available or no more license available
Only two users can connect at the same time
Display and graphic issues
Disconnection Timeout – users can’t reconnect
Slow logon for users
Flickering behavior on user’s display
Only a single user ( one / 1 ) can connect
user randomly kicked from session, and looses work
When users logins, the libraries (exporer.exe) pops
Cannot print using Universal Printer
Many hs_err_pidXXXX.mdmp files
RemoteApp: user can’t reconnect
Two app / program icons are displayed
I want to have a stable server
My internet connection is very slow and I experience some disconnections (TO BE UPDATED)
Best OS for performance

Error Messages
When I try to connect remotely to a RDPlus server, I get a “Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer” error message
When I try to connect to my RDPlus server, I get a 0x507 or 0x506 error message – Windows XP
An internal error has occurred
Java OpenJDK JRE failed to install
Target RDP Server not accessible / Error connecting – target server not available
Windows cannot find svcr.exe
Error: cannot connect to the local service. Try restarting SVCE.
Event ID:7011 Source:Service Control Manager A timeout (30000 milliseconds) was reached while waiting for a transaction response from the UmRdpService service
Remote Control Request XXXX\Administrator is requesting to control your session remotely. Do you accept the request?
No more sessions available, Please reconnect later.
error HTML5 Internet Access

Print issues with Universal Printer : how to re-install the driver
Some computers cannot print using Universal Printer
Printer redirection with HTML5 is not supported
How can I print using a connection client?
I have unused ghost printers in my control panel, what can I do?

Online-Shop – FAQ

Can I have a quote?
Is the license perpetual?

RDS-Knight – FAQ

Common Questions
Can I set an IP range in RDS-Knight?
Does RDPlus or RDS-Knight monitor RPC over HTTP?

Bruteforce attacks on

ServerGenius – FAQ

Installation and Setup
Update ServerGenius Agent from a version below 3.3