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How can I hide the drives on my server?

As one of the many security measures, to be able to hide and/or restrict access the local drives…

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Force own SSL certificate for RDP server

Tested on Windows 10 Professional and Windows 2008 R2, so this approach should work on Windows 2012 R2 etc. too. Actually these steps…

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Disconnection of idle sessions

Sometime you might face disconnection of idle session. This can occur because of power energy settings of the…

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Can I take over a remote session by login the same user from another location?

With the Admin Tool you can prevent the opening of multiple sessions with the same user by using…

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Activate RDP NLA authentication

Part A:  In RDP protocol there are 3 basic security modes: 1=RDP only, 2=SSL, 3=SSL+NLA. To activate RDP NLA (3=SSL+NLA) authentication do following…

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