Using the Web Portal Preferences, you will be able to create your own customized HTML Web Access pages – and there is no need to be a web developer!

Web Portal Design

You will be able to customize all the display and graphic settings, as well as adding your own logo.

Some advanced tips:

  • You don’t have to click on a “Choose…” button if you already know a color code: just type it in the input.
  • Be careful with the real size of the pictures: your page could be quite bad-looking if a picture is too big.
  • Do not hesitate to use the “Preview” button on the bottom, it’s fast and easy!

Web Portal Preferences

This tile allows you to configure the Web Access in the page:

  • “Default Values”: you can specify a default login, password and/or domain that will be pre-filled in the page.
  • “Show the Domain Field”: when checked, the Domain is asked to the user, otherwise it is not displayed.
  • “Keyboard”: only for advanced administrators who are facing special keyboard issues.
  • “Available Clients”: choose between 2 types of web connection clients. If both are checked, the user will have the choice.
  • “Gateway Portal”: check it to activate the Gateway Portal features (such as the Gateway Portal Load Balancing and the
  • Gateway Portal Users/Servers Assignments).
  • You can also change the labels for every input field in the page in the “Field Labels” section at the bottom of the window.

The “Web Credentials” section allows you to enable (or disable) the Web Credentials feature.

When using Web Credentials, you might want to allow empty passwords. If you only have Web Credentials with empty passwords, we recommend that you uncheck the “Show Password Field” option, in order to simplify even more the web login page.

Remote App tile

HTML5 tile

On this tile, you can edit the parameters for the HTML5 web display. You can chose to enable the menu bar and key combination for a specific type of client, enable file transfer, modify the display settings and the connection timeout.

HTML5 Top Menu Tile

This tile enables you to chose the applications to display on level 1 or 2 on the Top Menu of your generated remote web session. You can also edit these applications in order for them to appear on a specific client type : pc, mobile, ios… on or all of them.

Saving typed values and Resetting to default ones

When you close this window, all the values you typed and checked are saved.

If you want to reset these values to values by default, click on the “Reset” button on the bottom.

Generating the HTML Web Access page

We advise you to try a “Preview” before generating a new HTML Web Access page.

Once you are pleased by the preview, then you can click on the “Publish” button to generate and publish the page to your web server’s root folder.

You will be asked for a page name. If you want to overwrite your default page, use “index”. In this case, the newly published web page will be accessible at:

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