Seamless connection program

In the Admin Tool, on the applications tile, the administrator can select 3 different styles of Remote Desktop RDPlus Taskbar. The RDPlus Taskbar is extremely useful when a session is run with the Seamless RDPlus connection program. The user can launch remote applications with one click on the RDPlus taskbar and still have the full local Desktop available.

Right side Blue theme taskbar

Right side Silver theme taskbar

Alternately, the RDPlus floating panel can be used:

Thin-client or any RDP based connection program

The administrator can select 3 different styles of full screen Remote Desktop. The standard Microsoft Remote Desktop can also be used if preferred.

Because these RDPlus Desktops are full screen, it fills the user display when a session is opened from dedicated thin-clients, any RDP based client, or accessed from a web page or RDPlus Remote Desktop clients.

There are benefits over a standard Remote Desktop. It enhances the server security (no START button or full control of the Desktop). The Administrator can also customize the desktop background by replacing it with your corporate logo.

Standard Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • The user has a complete desktop including Start Button and full control of the desktop
  • To assign to complete desktop, just use the AdminTool application named Microsoft Remote Desktop

RDPlus Desktop theme one

  • To customize, the Administrator can change the desktop to display the Corporate logo

RDPlus Desktop theme two

  • To customize, the Administrator can change the desktop to display the Corporate logo

Administrator tools on the server

With the AdminTool, the Administrator can easily decide what will be the default Remote Desktop theme the user will see when opening a session. On the Applications tab, click on the “Customize Taskbar” tile :

With the standard settings, the user can choose a different default theme. The Administrator can restrict users from changing themes.

You can also customize the Floating Panel:

By editing the users menu, the Administrator can add/suppress applications and functionalities. Customization of the users menu is easy.

My Remote Desktop=...

could be replaced by:

Desktop Folder=...

or can be localized with the country language.

The content of user menus (C:\Program Files (x86)\RDPLUS\UserDesktop\mainmenu.mnu) is modified by the administrator using Notepad.

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