You can use the seamless client mode to run applications on the server seamlessly, as if they were installed locally on the client computer.
A transparency color can be set manually to insure your application will appear properly (green, blue or pink).

The Seamless Client is uses the transparency color selected by the Administrator. As the Remote Desktop background color is painted with the selected transparent color, the Microsoft Remote Desktop will not be displayed and the user will just see their published applications.

Warning: The default colour is green and should work fine with most applications. The transparency colour can also be set to pink or blue – of course, the server and the connection clients must use the same color.

For using multiple remote applications in seamless mode, you can enable the RDPlus remote taskbar:

Which you can customize by clicking on the “Customize Taskbar” tile :

You can chose to enable either the Floating Panel or the Application Panel for your user.
Under the “Customize Floating Panel” tab you can customize the Floating Panel or the Application Panel at your convenience :

These are the three ways to customize your user’s experience. You can also chose to publish one unique application to be launched seamlessly at the user’s logon.

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