Web Server Management Console – SSL Tab

A Management Console is available in the AdminTool.
This Management Console enables you to configure Terminal Service Plus built-in Web Server, including SSL Certificate in its “SSL” tab:


We provide a self-signed SSL 2048 bit RSA certificate that you can use “as is” for our built-in HTTPS and SSH web servers.
If you would like to generate your own or import a 2048 bit Certificate, you may do so using the PORTECLE utility.

The name of the keypair must be jwts
The cert.jks password must be: secret
PORTECLE is provided As Is and it includes many useful functions. It also enables to generate a Certification Request.

Generating a SSL Certificate

The Portecle utility program will allow you to create / import and change your 2048bit certificate for your web server.

Please click on the “Help” button to find instructions on the utility.


The generated certificate must be named “cert.jks”
Its password must be “secret”
It should be stored in “C:\Program Files (x86)\RDPLUS\Clients\webserver” folder
If you cannot access the webpage using HTTPS, it is most probably because your certificate file is wrong.

We recommend that you make a copy of the default provided certificate before generating your own certificate.

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