The RDPlus Web Application Portal provides a single, flexible solution that can streamline application and desktop deployment and life-cycle management to reduce IT costs. By centrally managing and delivering on-demand applications via the web, you can improve the success rate of application deployment providing role-based management, application control, security and end-user support.

The RDPlus Web Application Portal virtualizes and transforms Windows apps and desktops into a secure on-demand service.

With the Web Application Portal, you will be able to publish Windows applications (business applications, Office applications…) to the web.

As in Citrix, your users can access their applications directly from the Internet, simply by clicking on the application icon in the Portal web page, directly inside their own Internet browser.

Managing your Web Applications

The Web Application Portal feature is fully integrated in RDPlus.

It means that all the applications published by RDPlus Applications Publishing feature can be used in the Web Applications Portal.

To publish an application, launch the Admin Tool, open the “Applications” tab and click on the “Application Publishing” tile:

To assign an application to an existing user or to a group, click on the “Assign Application” tile:

In this example, we have assigned several applications to a user called “Peter”.

If you would like to know more about the publication process, review our documentation about Application Publishing

and Assigning Applications to Users or Groups.

Designing your Web Applications Portal

In the Admin Tool, open the “Web” tab and click on the “Applications Portal” tile.

To generate a web access page with the Web Applications Portal feature activated, check the “Enable Applications Portal” checkbox.

You can customize your web access page to your liking, then click on “Publish” to publish this new web access page.

Using Web Applications Portal

In this example we have published the new web access page with the default name “index”.

To access it, open a web browser and go to http://yourservername/ or your server’s IP address as in this example we use (if you want to test it directly from the server itself, use http://localhost).

The first web page displayed is the standard RDPlus web logon page:

Once logged on, a new web page is displayed, this is the Web Applications Portal:

As you can see, the user get an icon for every published application that he has access to.

The user can now click on one or more icon, in order to remotely open the matching application:

Important Notes

  • The Web Applications Portal feature is compatible with the Server Farm/Gateway configuration and it also supports load balancing
  • In a Server Farm/Gateway configuration, the Applications must be published and assigned on every server in the farm.
  • In terms of RDPlus licensing, a user can open several applications at the same time without counting for more that 1 user.

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