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Advanced – Backup Settings

On the Advanced tab, you can configure advanced-security settings. You can Backup or Restore advanced-security data and settings…

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Since version 4.3, RDPlus Security offers a Permissions functionality, that allows the administrator to manage and/or inspect users/groups…

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System Audit

RDPlus Security offers a System Audit located on the AdminTool dashboard. The tick on the System Audit button…

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Advanced Features – Logs

Overview On this tab, you can configure RDPlus Logs settings. By default RDPlus doesn't create logs, to avoid…

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Advanced Features – Contextual Menu

Overview Since RDPlus version 12.50, a new "Send to Client" menu can be enabled under the Advanced >…

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Advanced Features – Lockout

Overview On this tab, you can enable/disable and configure RDPlus Lockout settings. Enable/Disable Lockout Feature The Lockout Feature…

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Web Lockout

RDPlus Web lockout, introduced with Version 12.40, is a user interface for the Web Portal Lockout feature, to…

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RDPlus Web App

RDPlus Web App is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that leverages modern browser APIs to deliver a seamless…

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RDPlus Virtual Printer

The RDPlus virtual printer is a new alternative to classic remote desktop printing solutions, which can be unreliable,…

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Virtual Printer

Easy printing from your remote applications to your local printer. Native print dialogs and faster printing make it the ultimate remote desktop printing tool!

Print from a Remote Desktop or a RemoteApp session to your local printer. Printer redirection software allowing to use local printers in remote desktop session.
RDPlus Virtual Printer is a reliable and easy to-use solution for RDPlus remote desktop printing.

It allows to use your local printer in a remote desktop. The program creates a virtual printer on the remote server and maps it to the local printer as if your local printer were plugged directly to the server side. So, you can print to your local printer from the remote session or application.

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