A RDPlus license can be moved from one server to another for reasons of hardware change or other reasons. 

We call this a rehost / rehosting / moving a license from one server to another.

The old activation file will no longer work on the new server because it is tied to the server hardware. 

For this reason it is necessary to request a new activation file.

In order to migrate RDPlus from a server to another, you need to complete 2 steps:

1. Installation of RDPlus TRIAL on your new server:

Install a trial version of the software. It will provide the new RDPlus serial number. 

Here is the link for the download of RDPlus: RDPlus.exe 

2. Request the rehosting via email, and provide these 3 informations:

– new Serial Number of your RDPlus TRIAL installation 

The S/N (serial number) is located in the Home tab of the AdminTool.

– purchase order of your original license

We need to identify the edition of RDPlus and the number of users you purchased.

– purchase order of your subscription to support

Rehosting a license is one of the features of the Support and Update Services.

The Support and Update services also include our worldwide Phone/Email support service, FAQ, tutorial support and the right to install and to use any new release, patch and updates. 

If needed, renew your subscription here : Support & Updates