Remote Access


For Remote Support and Screen Sharing

The ideal alternative to TeamViewer for remote desktop control and screen sharing. Provide instant attended or unattended remote assistance to your clients anywhere, at any time.

Remotely connect to your client PCs and provide instant assistance

Securely connect to remote computers, take control of their mouse, access files and applications, and troubleshoot problems — right when your employees and customers need help the most, anywhere, at any time.

A secure, web-based screen sharing and remote control
solution designed for today’s flexible support teams.

A secure, web-based screen sharing and remote control solution designed for today’s flexible support teams.

Why RDPlus Remote Support?

No Setup, Quick Connections!

Our Remote Support tool from any device and operating system, giving you absolute freedom and mobility to work In your environment.

Remote support is your all-round solution


How does it work?

Our Remote Support software enables you to share your screen with our support team from anywhere in the world. With just a few clicks, you can securely connect your device to our support team.

Agents and end-users simply download and run a small program. Then, the end-user then shares their ID and password with the agent to enable the connection.

Your support agents all over the world

Bridge Server

User sharing their screen and peripherals


What is the Primary usage of your remote support software?

RDPlus Remote Support is the best altenative to TeamViewer.

It is used for Remote Assistance and Session Sharing. With out solution, you will be able to connect to any of your clients to provide the support you need to them. 

How does it work?

Usage is really simple. Just download and run the software. Share a support link with your clients and directly access their screen!

What are the prerequisites of RDPlus Remote Support and which OS are supported?

Hardware Requirements

RDPlus Remote Support Client runs on both 32 and 64-bit editions of Windows computers.
Operating Systems

Desktop OS – Windows 7 SP1 (Build 6.1.7601 or newer)
Server OS – Windows Server 2008 R2

RDPlus Remote Support requires .NET Framework to be installed on the computer.

Can several agents access simultaneously the same client’s device?

Yes! Our software offer a multi agent session capability so that multiple agents can be connected simultaneously to the same machine.

Can we download / upload and transfer files from both sides?

Yes, you will be able to accomplish all those operation within your Remote Support session!

Our licenses are perpetual and won’t expire. Once you buy a RDPlus software, you own it. Forever.

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