RDPlus For Windows is compatible with the following 32/64 bit Microsoft’s Operating Systems:

checkmarkWindows 10
checkmarkWindows 8.1
checkmarkWindows 8
checkmarkWindows 7
checkmarkWindows Vista
checkmarkWindows XP
checkmarkServer 2019
checkmarkServer 2016
checkmarkServer 2012 R2
checkmarkServer 2012
checkmarkServer 2008 R2
checkmarkServer 2008
checkmarkServer 2003
checkmarkSBS 2011
checkmarkSBS 2008
checkmarkSBS 2003


It is recommended to use the Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows for all RDPlus servers.

Windows 10 Home is not currently compatible.

New Activation Key Licensing System

We are proudly to announce that we have introduced a new licensing system designed to allow:

  • Easy activation: no more “license.lic” or “support.lic” files
  • All products at once (RDPlus, add-ons and more to come)
  • Self-service rehost
  • Better hardware identification (including cloud and virtual machines awareness)

From now on, when you will need to active a RDPlus license, simply click on “Activate your license” in the license tab and enter your activation key. You will get a list of all the available licenses/supports assigned to this activation key, i.e. all licenses/supports not activated yet.

Migrating from Legacy to Key Licensing System on an Existing Server

If you are already one of our customer and you want to migrate to the new licensing system, simply run the UpdateRelease on an existing server with an existing activated RDPlus 12 or lower in order to update RDPlus and access the Activation key system.

UpdateRelease will automatically migrate the existing license and support into the Activation key system.

Download Full Version – Enterprise Edition Trial License Included (15 Days, 5 User)

RDPlus (Activation Key Licensing)


Full Setup
(updated on 14/10/2020)
Installation file
for all supported operating systems.
*15 Day Trial License

update /

Update Release
(updated on 14/10/2020)
Apply this patch to upgrade any older version
to the latest one.
*Support Subscription Required*

RDPlus Legacy (Serial Number Licensing)


Full Setup

*15 Day Trial License


  • RDPlus 14.30 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions
  • HTML5: improved security on clipboard management


  • License: fixed failed to assign computer id for recent computers
  • HTML5: fixed cache issue using third part proxy when printing multiple documents
  • Security: updated ghostscript to its latest version (9.53.3)
  • Security: updated OpenSSL library to its latest version (1.1.1h)
  • (2020/10/06) License: fix 0 day remaining when activating trial
  • (2020/10/08) License: fix license migration fails from previous version
  • (2020/10/14) Compatibility: fixed compatibility issues with latest Windows updates on Win 10 1607 / Server 2016


  • RDPlus 14.20 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions
  • AdminTool: updated german translations
  • (2020/08/24) Added Volume Licensing activate, enable and disable commands for RDPlus, 2FA and Virtual Printer
  • (2020/08/24) Added Volume Licensing setup command for RDPlus
  • (2020/08/24) HTML5: file transfer from server to client: added optional setting to remove the file after download
  • (2020/09/03) Added Volume Licensing support for 2FA and Virtual Printer addons
  • (2020/09/21) HTML5: added support of third part pdf viewers instead of browsers built-in viewer


  • WebCredentials: fixed windows login display issue (first letter was missing) when editing a web credential
  • 2FA: fixed Potential Deny-of-Service attack on 2FA SMS feature
  • Virtual Printer: fixed display issue when running client setup with command line
  • (2020/08/24) AdminTool: fixed slow UI loading when pin code is enabled
  • 2020/08/24) HTML5: fixed URI char detection and third party reverse proxy handling
  • (2020/08/24) HTML5: fixed clipboard handling in newest browsers
  • (2020/08/24) Contextual Menu: fixed bug with send to local desktop button
  • (2020/08/24) HTML5: file transfer GUI: hidden/system files/folders are not displayed anymore
  • (2020/09/03) AdminTool: fixed backup-restore not saving 2FA and virtual printer settings
  • (2020/09/03) Virtual Printer: fixed Advanced Settings not being accessible when license is invalid
  • (2020/09/03) 2FA: fixed incorrect webpage displayed when disconnecting from application portal
  • (2020/09/03) 2FA: fixed verification code input field was not focused
  • (2020/09/21) HTML5: fixed session display issue on latest chrome version


  • RDPlus 12.70 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions
  • (2020/05/06) HTML5 Top Menu: application name is now displayed in a tooltip
  • (2020/05/15) AdminTool: updated chinese translations
  • (2020/06/02) Client Generator: added setting for remote session sound redirection
  • (2020/06/02) UrlOnClient: added tel/sms/mailto protocol support


  • HTML5: support for Raspberry Pi devices with Chrome browser
  • HTML5: compatibility with latest web browsers
  • Web Portal: fixed connection issue when using IE
  • Session: cleaned user roaming folder on session opening
  • AdminTool: fixed update button not working properly
  • Security: updated OpenSSL library to its latest version (1.1.1g)
  • Security: updated bouncycastle library to its latest version (1.65)
  • Security: updated jQuery library to its latest version (3.5.0)
  • Connection Client: fixed wallpaper is now really disabled when speed setting is set to low
  • (2020/05/06) HTML5: fixed connection timeout when using Edge
  • (2020/05/06) HTML5: temporarily worked around issue when connecting in HTTP from RDPlus App. Please move to HTTPS as soon as possible to avoid this issue in the coming weeks.
  • (2020/05/12) HTML5: fixed issue with zoom/orientation change on latest Safari
  • (2020/05/12) HTML5: improved cookies handling
  • (2020/05/12) Compatibility: fixed compatibility issues with latest Windows updates on Win 10 1903 and Win 10 1909
  • (2020/05/15) Session: prevent universal printer process from running when it is uninstalled
  • (2020/05/15) HTML5: fixed “Wrong computer name” connection error and universal printer issue related
  • (2020/06/02) AdminTool: fixed system audit error when virtual printer was installed instead of the universal printer
  • (2020/06/02) AdminTool: fixed silent update issue

Applications Publishing Display: It is now possible to display or hide the logoff button on the RDPlus Floating/Application Panel, Folder Panel and TaskBar.

RDPlus 12.60 includes all the improvements and fixes released in previous versions, and is getting ready for LTS 12 (Long Term Support version).

Important: Changes to Client Generator

Due to ongoing issues with false Anti-virus detections/quarantines on remote links generated using RDPlus Client Generator, we have had to change the way our client generated links work.

As a pre-requisite on client side, a signed program named “Setup-ConnectionClient.exe” now has to be installed. This program is available on the below path in the RDPlus program folder: RDPlusClientsWindowsClient or alternately you can download it from here. It will locally install the required RDPlus client. Then, the user will just have to double click on the “.connect” file to start his session.



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Compatibility Update

Use this file when an anti-virus, a Windows Hot Fix or Service Pack has corrupted RDPLUS.

To be used as per support’s instrutions.

Available here

Universal Printer Driver

Use this file to re-install the Universal Printer. To be used as per support’s instrutions.

Available here


RDPlus – FAQ

Frequently asked questions.

RDPlus – Quick Installation Guide

New to RDPlus? This will get you started. A brief description of the system requirements and basic configuration is included in this manual.

RDPlus – The Complete Guide

A more complete guide with advanced configuration settings as Client Generation, Web server, RDPlus security, etc.