Remote Access


Empower your users with seamless remote access

The ideal alternative to Citrix and Microsoft RDS for remote desktop access and Windows application delivery. Web-enable your Windows apps, create SaaS solutions or remotely access your centralized corporate tools and files.

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Our Software enables any compatible Windows system to act as a Citrix or a Microsoft Terminal Server. With RDPlus you can have:

Enterprise grade capabilities for scalable, secure and performant server management and remote conection

Have control

Enhanced AdminTool that simplifies the server management process and allows you to control by user and/or by group.

Be secure

Secured Web Access (HTTPS)and server communication (Hide server drives, RDP firewall, encryption…)

Save money

Low cost, high value, and excellent performance in an easy-to-use solution.

Save time

No requirement for Terminal Service CALs or Terminal Service (RDS) license manager

Use any device

HTML5 client enabling connection from iPad and Android tablets

Print Remotely

Extended remote printing capabilities made possible by our RDPlus Universal Printer.


By eliminating the complexities of Citrix XenApp and Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, RDPlus provides a fast, simple and affordable solution.

Why RDPlus Remote Access?

Your business applications hosted on a corporate data center or cloud server are web-enabled via RDP and HTML5 clients.

The system effectively creates concurrent sessions that can be accessed remotely and securely by users on any device and browser.

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How does it work?

Our Remote Access software allows you to securely connect multiple devices to your business apps installed on the corporation’s central server

External users and devices

RDP and HTML5 Clients

Corporate Data Center or Cloud Server running RDPlus


What is the primary use of RDPlus Remote Access?

Allows you to convert any normal Windows machine into a fully featured terminal or application hosting server. 

Which can allow your remote and local users to access centralized applications in either a full remote desktop or restricted experience.

Whats the difference between Desktop and Enterprise versions?

The Desktop edition is our base license, whereas the Enterprise is our fully featured software. Both versions offer full native RDP capability, however the Enterprise edition will also allow you to RDP into your machine via any web browser, farm management, load-balancing features and more.

For a fully detailed list between the two versions you can head here.

How many users can be connected simulatenously?

Each simultaneously logged in user requires an RDPlus license. 

1 License = 1 Session 

For example you can have 20 users setup on a server, if you purchase 10 RDPlus licenses, any 10 of those 20 users can now be logged in at the same time. If you require all 20 users logged in simultaneously you will require 20 licenses.  

There is no limit on how many users a single machine can handle or how many licenses you wish to apply to a single server. However it really depends on the specs of the machine/server and what functions and programs the users will be using. 

How can my users connect to my RDPlus server?

Depending on your setup there are multiple ways users can access your machine.

RDPlus supports:

  • Any RDP client such as Microsoft RDP client, or any iPhone or Android RDP client. 
  • Client generator, which is our proprietary RDP client
  • any HTML5 browser (for Enterprise edition setups) 

Our licenses are perpetual and won’t expire. Once you buy an RDPlus license, you own it. Forever.

Turn your PC into a fully functional Terminal Server with RDPlus