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How to install RDPlus Remote Access?

RDPlus Remote Access installation is really straightforward. Once downloaded the trial version of the software,you can follow the procedure till the end and the software will open and write all the necessary parameters on the machine for you.

Said so, if you have any questions or you are ensure about anything, you can always follow our documentation here that provides a step-by-step guideline.

How many users and days the trial version offer?

For all our software the trials come with a fully featured version for 15 days and generally 5 concurrent users/agent.

Can I get an extended trial license?

If you requires extra days or users in order to properly test a higher workload on the machine we are happy to provide you with an extended trial key.

Simply send us an email to support@rdplus.com.au and we will be able to issue a customised trial according to your needs.

Do you have a partner program?

Yes, we do.  

For more information send us an email to support@rdplus.com.au

Does the price on the website cover unlimited users?

No. The price that you find on our store is for a concurrent user and you will need a valid license for each simultaneous user who needs to connect.

Do you offer an unlimited license?

Yes, we do. However, please note that the license will be bound to a specific server and cannot be split between multiple machines.

If you would like to obtain a quote for an unlimited license, simply send us an email at support@rdplus.com or use the contact form here.

What is the difference between Desktop and Enterprise editions of RDPlus Remote Access?

The Desktop edition is our base license, whereas the Enterprise is our fully featured software. Both versions offer the RDP capability, however the Enterprise one will also allow you to RDP into your machine via any web browser, the farm management, load-balancing feature and more.

For a fully detailed list between the two versions you can head here.

Can multiple users share the same license?

Yes. Every license corresponds to a “seat”. So as long as your users do not connect simultaneously to the machine, they can share the same license.

Does RDPlus Remote Access improve Retail Manager usage?

RDPlus technology can improve the performance of your MYOB Premier and Accounting, Retail Manager, QuickBooks and many other applications by up to 10 times faster.

For more information visit our explanation page here.

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