Advanced Security

Rdplus Advanced Security

Secure your RDS Server

Advanced security is a powerful tool to secure not just your RDPlus server but any Windows RDS server system

Keep your servers secure!

Our unique cybersecurity software provides the fundamental protections every remote server admin needs, and more. Activate up to seven powerful measures and set the right level of security for your network. As you use remote desktop to allow your employees to work from home, reduce your attack surface and increase your peace of mind with RDPlus Advanced Security’s powerful features.

Edition Comparison

Security Essentials Edition

Homeland Protection

If your users are located in the US, UK and Canada, it may not make sense to allow connections from China, India, Iran, or Germany.
Using country-based whitelists, Homeland Protection lets administrators quickly and easily restrict incoming connections only to the countries necessary for your business operations.

Brute Force Defender

Even an unsuccessful brute force attack can have negative performance impacts on your server!
Brute Force Defender stops brute force attacks quickly. Your server will no longer have to process thousands of failed login attempts. Using a combination of whitelists and limits on failed login attempts, it rejects brute force attacks before they become a problem.

Global Ip Management

Easily manage IP addresses from one place with a single list for both blocked and whitelisted IP addresses.
This means that all IPs detected by Homeland and Brute Force are centralized to check, edit, add or remove at your convenience. IP address lists are searchable, making address management easy.

Working Hours Restriction

Network security is more complicated than just deciding who can access your servers. Once you have granted access to all the right people, the question becomes: When should the users have access?
Working Hours gives administrators the tools to limit remote access to only the days and times required for business operations.

*per user feature with Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition
All features in Essentials Edition plus...

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is the most significant of today’s cyber threats. RDPlus Advanced Security Ransomware Protection will efficiently detect and block any kind of ransomware attacks!
Get instant warning as soon as suspicous activity is detected on your system, and check all programs and files automatically put in quarantine. You can easily backup and restore them in a click!


The “Permissions” dashboard displays the list of users and groups and the list of available folders and files, side-by-side.
Everything is visible at one spot, which makes it super easy to Inspect (Security Essentials) and Edit (Ultimate Protection) privileges for one user at a time, increasing the accuracy of the restrictions.

Secure Desktop

With Secure Desktop, we have taken the guesswork out of RDS Group Policy management.
Secure Desktop offers a simple slider interface to choose access policies for users or groups. Each level of security has been meticulously crafted to the IT industry’s best practices standards.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection offers a simple way to keep your servers safe, even if a user’s credentials have been compromised.
With Endpoint Protection, Administrators can link user accounts directly to specific device names. If a user’s credentials become compromised, attackers can’t use them to log in to your servers without a device that is linked to that user.


In a few clicks, RDPlus Advanced Security enables you to block attacks on your Remote Desktop and Application Servers with powerful security features combined for the first time.

Limit incoming connections by country or region. Defeat and permanently block automated login attacks. Even block 368 million known hacker IP addresses from day 1.

It’s the most comprehensive cybersecurity toolbox on the market. And the most affordable!

How does it work?

Simply install RDPlus Advanced Security on any Windows server or desktop you need to protect. Administrators can easily customize each security measure to the needs of their remote work infrastructure.

Once installed and configured, a user-friendly admin console enables administrators to easily manage settings and monitor security events. With both a Lite mode and an Expert mode available, administrators will have everything they need to comfortably manage the security of their infrastructure.


What is the Primary usage of your RDPlus Advanced Security Software?

Our utility is a comprehensive and easy-to-use toolbox to protect yourself against Cyber Attacks.

How can I start protect myself against Cyber Attacks?

Simply install our RDPlus Advance security utility and the protection will automatically start. 

Next, you can consider tweaking the software functionalities to better match your needs.

How does the Ransomware protection work?

Once enabled, the ransomware protection works on a “learning period” where the AI of the software analyse in detail users’ behaviour. This is to ensure that after the learning period has ended, the feature can easily detect suspicious activity on the machine and proactively block them.

Our licenses are perpetual and dont expire. Once you buy an RDPlus license, you own it. Forever.

Try our Advanced Security software today!

RDPlus Advanced Security is your perfect ally for remote access security. This best-in-class program is the tool you need to keep your remote connections completely safe.

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