The 8.20 version of RDPlus introduced a new and easy way to handle your annual support contract.
Please update your version to the latest release before following this procedure.

The support services include our worldwide Phone/Email support service, license rehosting, FAQ and tutorial support.
The Update Services include the delivery of Update codes, the right to install and to use any new release, patch and updates.

The update code is requested once a year to be able to apply the Update Release patch. It is delivered by our support team on demand.
This update code is now replaced with a support.lic file that you can activate in the licensing tile of the Admin Tool.

We are investing every day to enhance RDPlus and to fix all known issues. So, we recommend all our customers to keep their RDPlus installation updated. The annual fee is not expensive and is available on our Store Page.

Step One

Locate the Admin Tool on your desktop :

Double-click on it, then click on the license tile.

  • If you cannot find the admin tool shortcut, it should be located in the desktop folder on the administrator account used to download RDPlus. You can also find the RDPlus folder on this path: ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\RDPlus\UserDesktop\files’.

You can now see the Serial Number :

Step Two

Click on the “Activate your license” tile:

Then select “Extend Support period”:

Then locate your Support.lic file and open it in order to activate it!