RDPlus Security offers a System Audit located on the AdminTool dashboard. The tick on the System Audit button turns red when an issue has been found.

Screenshot System Audit 1

When you click on it, you can see that it monitors :

  • If the RDPlus Security service is running.
  • If you allowed RDPlus Security to access Internet to check for updates.
  • If RDPlus Security main programs exist.
  • If the Windows Firewall is enabled.
  • If the Logging is disabled in production use.
  • If the Windows minimum password length is greater than zero.
  • If the Guest account is diabled.
Screenshot System Audit 2


If you see the Windows password length error, like on the screenshot below:

Screenshot System Audit 3

It is because you need to modify the minimum password length on your server, under Local Policy/Account Policies/Password Policy:

Screenshot System Audit 4